Elizabeth Mohler sitting at the computer
I have welcomed Elizabeth into my Health studies undergraduate classes to speak on the intersections of health, disability, ableism, and disability justice. Her lectures are an engaging mix of research, literature and lived experience. Students are always blown away by her lectures because it is often the first time they are engaging with disability from a rights and justice perspective. Elizabeth welcomes them in an accessible and open way, providing a fertile space for engagement, deep learning, and creates a space to ask questions and learn more.
Jessica Vorstermans, PhD
Assistant Professor, Critical Disability Studies
I was one of the organizers of the second “Teaching for Justice” Conference in October 2018. Our sessions included various aspects of equity and diversity, and our attendees were teachers and teacher candidates. I had known Elizabeth for several years from Common Thread Community Chorus, a choir which promotes social justice and accessibility as core values. When planning the conference, I immediately thought of inviting Elizabeth to lead a workshop on issues around disability. I attended Elizabeth’s session and was impressed by her presentation and her messages and resources for creating a culture of equity and accessibility for teachers and learners. Elizabeth is a skilled speaker and presenter and was a great asset to our conference.
Laura Schein
Contract Lecturer, Ryerson School of Early Childhood Studies
Clear, concise, well founded communication, delivered in person or through media, is indispensable for leadership in academia, business, government service and the community.

During my experience with Elizabeth Mohler, on the board of a non-profit Ontario corporation, I witnessed her exceptional ability to quickly understand issues, vision innovative concepts and advocate for solutions to deliver results without disruption.

Based on over 30 years in leadership roles, including serving on several boards, I can attest that Elizabeth’s work ethic, tied to her communications and leadership prowess, accelerated our organization towards its goals.

Heino Neilsen
President, Common Thread Community Chorus
Elizabeth Mohler is an AMI community reporter for the Toronto region and brings information on events and happenings in the blind and partially sighted community monthly on our show NOW with Dave Brown. Elizabeth presents each topic with excellent description and enthusiasm and has been a valued member of our community reporter team since 2019. We always look forward to Elizabeth’s reports!

Thanks very much

Marianne d’Eon Jones
Audio Producer, Accessible Media Inc. (AMI)
It is both my pleasure and honour to acknowledge Elizabeth Mohler’s abilities as a keynote speaker. In her role as a member of our Board of Directors. On many occasions, as a speaker her candid style and humour wins over audiences of all ages. If you are looking to keep your audience engaged, Elizabeth delivers every time.
Kathy Downes
Executive Director, Camphill Foundation
It is always a pleasure to work with Elizabeth. She is committed, passionate, professional, organized, and a superb team player. She is a patient instructor and teacher, and an accomplished leader. Elizabeth applies takes herself to any learning and leadership challenge with strong self-awareness and an excellent ability to engage others. She enjoys a new project and takes pride in her work when it is complete. Elizabeth managed our Accreditation process from beginning to end, and was so good at it that she was able to become an accreditor herself. She supervised U. of T. OT Research students as part of a team, and was an integral part of our Social Enterprise team, using her excellent presentation and speaking skills to train human service and community agency workers (including librarians and Federal government employees) on what it means to have lived experience of sight loss, and how best to communicate and assist people who are blind. Elizabeth is an excellent public speaker and represented BALANCE extremely well at every opportunity.
Dr. Deborah Gold
Executive Director, Balance for Blind Adults